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Bus shelters

Solid and durable performing of specialist shelters

Special boxes

Manufacturing and professional installation of stop boxes is our daily routine. We offer you not only bus and tram stop buses but also boxes for football stadiums, sports and school pitches as well as car boxes at stores or workplaces. Long-term experience and precision of design allows to enjoy the same look for many years.

Structure of boxes

Stop boxes are made of quality materials making them resistant to most external factors. Framework is composed of aluminum profiles with closed section which provides proper stability. We fill lateral walls with multi-chambered polycarbonate or solid one resistant to breaking and fracture. We cover circled roof with a light chambered board with a protective layer against UV radiation. All our boxes are fitted with a wooden bench or individual plastic seats. We can also manufacture display cabinets or schedule pockets.

Installation and delivery

We provide transport of boxes to demanded location in Poland professional assembly consisting in both fixing to the ground and embedding in concrete.


We also specialize in widely-understood repairs of stop boxes. Our services include: disassembly of old window panels, exchange of seats or benches, cleaning and re-painting and repairing any damaged elements of the boxes.

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