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Plastic boards

Plastics used in building, industry and advertising

Plastic boards

Our rich offer of plastics allows to choose custom solution used in construction, food industry or promotion. Our regular co-operation with manufacturers provides wide choice in terms of both colors and thickness of plastics.

We are selling whole boards and cut them into smaller formats according to your need.


Nowadays, plastics are replacing more and more solutions in the construction. Their important asset is that they allow lighter and easy to assemble structures to be made. Ultimately, they also ensure lower costs by eliminated painting, corrosion protection and reduced labor demand.

We recommend you the following:

  • Chambered polycarbonate
  •  Aluminum layer boards Al-PE-Al.,
  • Elevation boards, facade boards.


We offer boards with food approvals so that they can be used as exhibition elements, casings or barriers. We also have plastics of various thickness resistant to mechanical effects, vibration and impact. These materials are ideal for manufacturing of any types of machine shields, structural elements, dampers, cooling barriers, etc.

For food industry, we recommend boards made of:

  • Solid polycarbonate,
  •  PMMA poured and extracted,
  • PCV.


We provide a wide range of products needed for marketing materials. The boards can be used as carriers of large notice boards, external sign boards or illuminated panels. We also have a plastic that is ideal for pasting and imprinting and producing spatial letters.

Our extensive offer includes:

  • PMMA poured and pressed,
  • Composite boards,
  • Foamed PVC,
  • Foamed PVC with polyurethane core,
  • PVC-XPS-PVC (Styrodur),
  • XPS extruded polystyrene foam,
  • Tubular polypropylene,
  • HIPS high-impact polystyrene,
  • Polyester boards Pet A and Pet G,
  • hard PVC,
  • SAN boards,
  • Polystyrene boards,
  • Polyurethane boards with cardboard lining KAPA/FOAM X.

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