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Roof skylights

High performing standard and timely realization of rooflights

Roof skylights

The major function of our roof skylights is to provide natural sunlight to large buildings while saving energy consumption. Proper lighting provides not only improved comfort of work but also higher efficiency.

We perform designs for both new buildings adapted to install a skylight and the older ones. We have a qualified personnel so we can provide comprehensive service of the whole project both in consultancy, design and execution. We approach every Customer individually to meet their expectations in 100%. We also choose and design each skylight for your investment. Our offer is aimed at customers from Poland and European Union.

Construction of roof skylights

As a Polish manufacturer of roof skylights we use only reliable materials of top quality and durability so we can be sure that our products are durable.

Our roof skylights are composed of the bearing base made of zinc-coated sheet, warmed with Styrofoam or wool, aluminum structure and covering made of multi-chambered polycarbonate attached with aluminum profiles and dedicated seals. We choose polycarbonate for a given structure in terms of thermal characteristics and demand for light. We also perform external processing of sheets in RAL color of roof so the skylights fit into the whole.

Types of roof skylights

Our product range includes both point skylights with small size and individual or group light beams amounting to even few thousands m2 per structure.

Considering installation place, we produce parallel skylights that run in the roof ridge, that is the top point of connection of two roof slopes. Therefore, these skylights give most even lighting in a given room and facilitate unobstructed drainage of precipitation water and prevent accumulation of snow on its surface. Another type are roof slope skylights which provide lighting of only a part of structure that requires the most of it, such as the regular work station.

Considering the shape, we propose arc or flat skylights (one- or two-drop). However, the former have much more possibilities of use. They can pass both the ridge and be located on the roof slope.

Each type of roof skylight plays its important function but depending on the type of structure and business we always choose the best solutions to achieve most optimal effect.

Acting according to fire classification for construction products, we produce fire retardant skylights and skylights with poor fire spread.

Renovation of skylights

We provide services related to widely-understood repair of roof skylights. We convert old skylights made of steel and covered with reinforced glass into the modern skylights with ideal and universal look. By replacing hard structures, we make the roof thinner since our skylights are 2/3 lighter.

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