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Roofs and roofings

High quality of performing the small roofs over the door and terrace roofings

Roofs and roofing

We are a manufacturer of roofing for doors, balconies, terraces and winter gardens. We provide not only high quality product but also professional support in choosing proper model.

Structure of roofing

Our roofing stands out by its massive and stable aluminum structure which we powder paint to a custom RAL color, so that not only an excellent visual effect can be observed but also protection for dozens of years is provided. All our products are coated with high quality chambered polycarbonate, solid glass or acrylic glass. We also fit every roofing with a grout to discharge excess snow and water.

Roofing models

We offer both terrace roofing fixed to the wall of a building in which a structure is supported on the poles and the roof is fixed on one side to the wall as well as stand-alone roofing installed on four poles. This type of roofing requires separate structure not connected directly with the building. Every roofing model can be fitted with lateral walls so we can have a winter garden or a glasshouse. This solution allows to enjoy not only the space but also natural light for the whole year. In the sunny winter days, it can be used as a thermal buffer for additional heating.

We also offer straight, arc and sunshade roofs in three standard dimensions and perform designs according to characteristics of our customers.

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