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Smoke vents

Effective methods of smoke removal

Smoke vents

Smoke vents are designed for safe and effective smoke and poisonous gases discharging caused by the fire. During normal operating conditions these vents can be used to room airing and bend lighting. We specialize in transom lights prefabricating and assembling with vents on new buildings and we adapt the vents to existing rooflights. At customer's request we produce vents, which are used as roof hatches too. Our qualified designers help you in choosing the best solution for you. We are able to adapt the size, shape, construction and controlling type to the building's needs.

Smoke vents structure

We make the vent base of galvanized steel, which we can coat with powder in any RAL-colour. The aluminium frames and covering of high quality multi-chamber polycarbonate make the durable product with aesthetic qualities.

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