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Specjalist partitions

Partitions made of high quality polycarbonate

Special partitions

Professional partitions and partition walls of aluminum filled with plastics allow to easily and aesthetically separate individual rooms from large production or service halls. We perform individual designs of non-standard solutions and office space arrangements. A wide choice of materials allows us to perform almost any design regardless of advancement. We are able to meet expectations of most demanding customers by adapting the partition to a specific order. We adapt size, type and material used to your needs.

Our partitions are an ideal solution not only for large areas with many people at work but also small rooms with joined workplaces which need to be separated.

Advantages of partitions

An important advantage and different from traditional partition walls is lightening of separated areas. We produce partitions both from chamber colorless plates so a partition acts like a separation barrier and firewood plates which are permeated by dispersed light and do not make the surroundings visible behind the barrier.

Delivery and installation

We aim high when it comes to orders. We approach every Customer individually and offer transport of wall elements and professional installation in the whole country. Long-term experience in installation makes that we have our own equipment facilities so that our services are quick and effective.

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