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Automated technology

Robotics system in rooflights, which ensures comfort and safety


We offer you advanced damper control systems placed in roof skylights fitted depending on the type of dampers.

For smoke dampers, we recommend automatic opening of manhole to 90° with the increase of air temperature in a room to remove the smoke and excess heat. These dampers can be also connected to the fire electrical system of the whole building which alerts on any dangers. Smoke dampers are fitted with venting, which main function is to provide fresh air to production halls, can be controlled electrically with synchronization of few dampers or opened mechanically. For convenience, we encourage to have a weather control panel that by responding to changes of weather, controls the damp closing and opening system. We can also use sensors inside the building by which dampers open after the upper hysteresis is exceeded and close when the temperature reaches its bottom limit (example of hysteresis 20°, 27°). We also provide electrical systems to connect the dampers with control according to custom needs.

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